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Let Calibre Aerial Photography carry out your drone aerial filming and capture something truly special at your next event. Perhaps you’re looking for dynamic and engaging promotional material for your business, product or website.

Our professional team will discuss your requirements with you prior to filming. We’ll also carry out pre-production and site risk assessment ensuring we capture exactly what you need and the area of filming is safe.

We use the latest in drone technology with the highest quality 4k camera resolution. Our certification allows us to provide film footage from a height of 400ft or 120m.

We strive to provide the most dynamic video we can. This may mean arriving on site in the early hours of the morning and setting up waiting for that incredible dawn shot as the following showreel testifies.

Drone aerial filming provides your guests and clients with a whole new perspective of your business, products and services with dynamic and engaging video material.

Contact us;

For your free consultation or to discuss your requirements, contact us today by filling in our contact form. You can also email us at info@calibreaerialphotography.co.uk. or call 07976 692632.

Calibre Aerial photography is based in Sussex but we’re very happy to work with our clients in any other part of the country and further afield.

Estate Agent Aerial Video & Photography

Increase the saleability of properties with aerial photographs and video. Quick, affordable, Professional.

Aerial Building & Inspection - Surveys

High-definition photographs for building and structural surveys. Minimise scaffolding requirements, speed up results.

Construction, Aerial film and Photo's

Providing construction sites with aerial drone Hi-definition photography and video.

Tourism Aerial video & Photography

Drone aerial photographs and hi-definition video for travel & tourism promotional material

Commercial Aerial Filming & photography

Providing landlords  and commercial property agents with hi-definition Aerial photography and video with the use of drone technology.

Sports Aerial video and photography

Promotional Aerial video and photographic material for indoor and outdoor sporting events inc. Stadium & track events, Golf course fly-overs.

Aerial Event Photography & Videography

Drone aerial photography for outdoor events, parties and weddings.