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Aerial Surveys and Inspections


We use Drone technology allowing for Aerial Surveys and Inspections throughout the UK at height to be carried out much quicker and with less risk to personnel. Check the HSE website.

With a traditional building inspection, a considerable amount of planning takes place along with associated costs. Using our drone services, there is only a small amount of time required to survey the surrounding area and set up the drone. There is no access equipment involved. For the majority of the time, an inspection or survey is carried out within an hour. It would take workers considerably longer to erect the platforms and scaffolding that are needed, as well as carry out the inspection.

Roof inspections and building surveys using drone technology helps to provide increased team efficiency and so reduce costs, something we all like to hear. Our Hi-Res camera enables crisp, clear, 4k video, RAW and Jpeg images. Drone technology has the capability to gather large amounts of data, using its hi-resolution video, imaging and thermal cameras. By accessing areas that are difficult to reach, drones are able to capture much more information than an inspector would if they were utilising conventional means. Additionally, drones can be used again and again to carry out pre and post inspection data.

Examples of survey and inspection sites include;

  • Church spires
  • Commercial  and non commercial roof inspections
  • Solar panel inspections
  • Wind turbines

At Calibre Aerial photography, we conduct aerial surveys at heights of upto 400ft (120m). This fills in the niche between ground based surveys and those undertaken by manned aircraft at higher altitudes.

There are a number of formal procedures that we perform before taking off, designed to make sure every flight is safe and that any potential hazards are identified and controlled. Procedures include pre site surveys, task specific risk assessments and equipment checks.

For further information or to discuss booking a roof inspection or survey, contact us on 01444 483204 or email us at info@calibreaerialphotography.co.uk