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Using Drones for Marketing and Promoting your Business,

Products and Services


Looking for dynamic and engaging marketing and promotional material! We provide aerial video and photography services , helping to promote your Business, products and Services.

With the development Drone and photographic equipment, it has meant that aerial photography and video is no longer restricted to the major corporates and having to hire a helicopter or aircraft and pilot.

Unlike aircraft, drones can be flown in previously inaccessible areas including indoors. Drones provide greater flexibility to the type of photographs and video you have and can be carried out quicker with instant results.

All of the pre-production and site survey is carried out by our own team members. Editors and digital artists will also take care of all post production work.

For further details regarding aerial videography and photography and to get no obligation quotation, contact us today on 01444 483204 or visit our contact page.

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