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Aerial Photography for Tourism


Aerial Photography for Tourism: Tourism is a large part of our lives, for the nation and the local communities. So letting prospective visitors know of the local attractions and sites is paramount to develop and grow your business.

How better to sell your business than to have ground and aerial photography and video available on your website. As is often said, “pictures paint a thousand words” and how better than to sell your business with Aerial imagery.

Photographs and video are used as important factors that affect decision making about travel destinations of tourists and influencing behaviours. Therefore, many types of photography and video can present the tourist destinations in many perspectives.

Look at any holiday brochure, advert in a magazine, paper or on the internet, billboard, guide book, leaflet for a tourist attraction. What do you see, photographs and video clips. Photographs of the places, the scenery, the hotels, people enjoying themselves and anything else you can think off.

People want to see people enjoying themselves, the beaches, the town attractions, hotels, before they decide to visit somewhere.

So without photography that would not be possible and people would be less likely to just visit somewhere without seeing anything about it first.

Are you are a hotel, tour operator, an attraction or city looking for aerial photographs and video to promote yourself. Calibre Aerial Photography are here to help. Details regarding our ground photography can be found here.

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