Aerial Video & Photography

Drones or UAV's as they're sometimes known as, are being used more frequently in assisting estate agents to capture aerial photographs and video to provide more dynamic and engaging information for the purpose of marketing hi-end properties. Aerial images of a property help to give prospective buyers a true sense of its location and the surrounding area. Photo's from the front and rear of a property as well as from directly above shows property size, position to its surroundings and helps with potential planning. Aerial photography and video compliments the images taken internally to sell properties. With the advent of UAV's (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, or Drones as they are sometime known as), has meant the cost of aerial photography has reduced significantly and allowed marketiers to benefit from displaying hi quality video and photographs. Calibre Aerial Photography will provide Hi-Resolution photographs in RAW or Jpeg format for your website and client-property marketing as well as dynamic and engaging HD or 4k resolution video.  

Check for Certification

If you are considering using a friend or maybe a business you've found online to take the aerial photos of a property you MUST ensure they have their PfCO certificate. If you, as an Estate Agent, use images to sell a house that were taken by a photographer without the CAA's PfCO you are breaking the law. PLEASE only use a qualified and fully insured aerial imagery services.