Drone Aerial Services FAQs

Drone Aerial Services – Your questions answered.

Our experienced pilots and photographers are here to provide you with a professional service, whether you are looking for Aerial photographic images or Aerial video footage.

If you have any questions regarding our services or discuss your project with us, please contact us via email – info@calibreaerialphotography.co.uk or call us on 01444 483204.

Answers to some of the frequently asked questions can be found below. Others can be found at CAA – Questions and answers

Are you fully Insured & Licensed

Yes. our pilots are fully qualified and follow strict guidelines for the use of Drones as set out by the CAA. All pilots and camera operators are fully insured and BNUC-S qualified

The key to every project is safety and good planning. From the initial site survey through to the day of aerial work being carried out, safety is always foremost in our minds. The UAV pilot is ultimately responsible for the operation and has the final say on whether or not the project proceeds on the day.

Will weather conditions affect my shoot...

Unfortunately yes. Days leading up to your shoot, we will monitor the weather conditions to ensure suitable weather. If the conditions aren’t ideal, we will advise you at least 24 hrs before and re-book an alternate date.

UAV’s cannot be used in adverse conditions including rain and are restricted to wind speeds of 20 knots.

Are there any height restrictions when flying a UAV.

Unmanned aerial vehicles are restricted to a height of 400ft (120 Meters) as set out by CAA regulations (You’ll be surprised just how much you can see at this height).

For most applications, this is usually high enough. For distances, we are restricted to a visual line of sight of 500 meters.

How long can a UAV be airborne

Our UAV’s can fly for around 25 minutes on a single battery. Each pilot carries multiple batteries taking into account the type of project requirements. As standard, each pilot carries 3 x batteries.

How much do you charge.

Pricing starts for as little as £175.00. Charges vary depending on the duration of the shoot and location. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and we can provide you with a quote in return.

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